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Jennifer M.

Fresh life Organics is the best produce delivery service I have seen. The price is unbeatable and I cannot say enough about the quality. They actually care and make sure what they are giving you is better than the best. All of the fruits and veggies are so delicious! The best part about joining this service is now my daughter and I look for creative healthy recipes every week! Last week we did zucchini boats stuffed with ground turkey and veggies. This week I made a soup with butternut squash, yellow squash and sweet potatoes. It was so good!! Also the customer service is great! I feel like I've known them for years! Their drivers are so nice. If I'm not home they text me to let me know they've left it by the door. All in all, the service combined with the great product quality and the convenience of not having to go to the grocery store are the reasons why I joined the Fresh Life Organics delivery service. I will continue to be a loyal customer to this fabulous company!!!

Christina M.

Where do I even begin!? As a mother of two little ones, the convenience factor of Fresh Life Organics is what had me signing up the moment that I learned about them. How can you beat great priced, organic produce that gets delivered to your front door step FOR FREE!? Aside from the great prices and convenience, the customer service is beyond amazing. Any questions or concerns you have are answered in no time! You can also always count on a friendly and professional delivery from one of their awesome drivers too. I feel like I meet a new friend every time my produce gets delivered. I am so happy that my city now has this service and hope that they expand quickly so that all of my friends and family can benefit from Fresh Life Organics.

Georgette P.

I was first introduced to Fresh Life Organics by a dear friend of mine. Right off the bat, I was led to come on board by their sincerity, optimism, and professionalism. Although I shop regularly during the week, I wanted to support their business and decided to give it a try. I ordered a large mixed veggie box on Fresh Life Organics' first week of deliveries. I was greeted by the driver with an absolutely, beautiful box of very fresh produce. One thing that struck me most was the freshness of the lettuce. The red leaf lettuce seemed like it was just picked. It was so fresh and full of flavor. The nectarines and blackberries were the best I have ever eaten. I can't say enough about the freshness of the produce and the bountiful box of delightfully colored fruits and veggies that arrive each week. Even my daughters are excited for me to open the box when it arrives. I know first hand that every thing in the boxes are hand selected and packed. Jessica is the first and last one to see the box and oversees the whole operation making sure that each box is filled with the freshest produce possible. I find myself excited for Tuesdays as each week is a little different and offers a wonderful array of fruits and veggies. I have made things like healthy green drinks, rainbow vegetable soup, crispy kale chips, homemade tomato sauce, chocolate orange vegan cheesecake, and butternut squash bisque. You can also customize your order as well. They are very accommodating and want customers to be completely happy with their box. On Fridays, I get an email with the list of fruits and veggies for Tuesday's deliveries so I have plenty of time to adjust my order. My experience with Fresh Life Organics has been wonderful and I am so grateful that they brought something so personalized and fresh to our local area. (and right to our door) Thank you Fresh Life Organics for all things healthy and organic!!!

Dr. Hepsharat Amadi of

From the beginning, dealing with Fresh Life Organics has been a pleasure! It's easy to order, easy to substitute items or defer an order for another week if you want to, and a pleasure dealing with the helpful people who run this co. and deliver the goods! In today's fast-paced lifestyle, two of the things that could be a barrier to someone eating more organic foods are the price and sometimes the hassle of going to the supermarket--this company takes care of both of those problems and their produce is delicious! This company deserves to grow and grow because of the excellent service it provides, and I'm sure it will!

Jennifer S.

I love it!! The quality alone is well worth this service. But the fact that you deliver to my house is AMAZING. I don't always have time to get to the store, and you make it so affordable for me to get my fresh organic shopping done without having to worry about a thing. Thank you for providing the best service in Broward County. I tell all of my friends about you!!

Jeff B.

I've gotten this box twice now and every time everything is absolutely fresh and delicious. I've not found fruits and veggies this good anywhere else and can't beat the pricing.

Cynthia S.

Finally- convenience, variety and super fresh and delicious! I don't have to think about it- i just read over the email on Friday, change what I want to change and on Tuesday i get a box of organic produce that's just delicious. The pricing is great and for me, it's just the right amount of food. It inspires me to make new things and it keeps me away from Whole Foods, where the aisles are waiting to entrap you with all the things you don't really need. No more impulse buys and crazy grocery bills from going into the store for "one thing" and coming out with a $100 spent on one bag. I love it.

Kimberly C.

Great produce, great value and easy! Thanks for making it so easy to get quality organic fruits and veggies! Your boxes inspire me to try new things and help make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for being so accommodating by switching out an item I may not need and always throwing in a little something extra :) Getting my box of goodies makes my Tuesdays much more fun!

Jennifer P.

I love receiving a box every week. Tuesday's are now my favorite day of the week. I have been able to use fruits and vegetables that I usually wouldn't buy in my cooking for my family I feel like every week is an episode of chopped. I could not be happier and I encourage everyone I speak with to do this. You will not regret your decision to sign up!!!!

Gail K.

I've been on Fresh Life Organics list from the beginning and have always been completely satisfied with their choice and selection of fruits and vegetables. They arrive cold, fresh and the color palate is wonderful! It has expanded meal options for my family. A very convenient feature of the program is that you can opt out of an item and substitute another or skip a week if need be. The gang at FLO are very helpful and accommodating.

Jessica of

5 stars doesn't do this company justice! Affordable, convenient, organic, fresh, and friendly. They've got all five of my fingers in a handshake for life! I couldn't be happier with their service. Jess is just an absolute doll and so down to earth. I look forward to meeting new delivery drivers and chatting with each and every one of them. What are you waiting for, go sign up!

Gail K.

I am so happy with this company! The fruits and veggies are so fresh and delicious! I got the all veggies box the first week and totally loved it. The next week I tried the mixed fruit and veggie. Loved it! This week I'm going back to the all veggies because we loved the fruit so much we are getting the fruit box delivered to work! I love getting some different things I haven't tried before, like Rainbow Chard and beautiful Rainbow Carrots. I usually don't buy organic, but I can really taste a big difference!

Julie S.

A big thank you to Fresh Life for making my family healthier and my life easier! I love Tuesdays when I get home and see my Fresh Life box filled with delicious and nutritious goodies! You have inspired my family to try new things and feel good about what they are eating. The food is so incredibly fresh!

Nancy A.

I am very happy with my Fresh Life Organics produce. The vegetables are fresh and crisp, and so colorful. The avocados are creamy and delicious. The fruit is bursting with flavor. I really love the great can pick and choose from the menu as needed, or skip a week if you need to. I love that flexibility. Highly recommended!!

Trisha F.

Signing up for this amazing and delicious organic delivery was the best thing I ever did!! The fruits and veggies are so fresh and I don't have to spend hours at the market comparing prices and figuring out what to buy on budget (that was so frustrating). Now I just sit back and wait for the goodness to come to me!! I've even tried new things and I've gotten pretty creative in the kitchen! Thank you Fresh Life team for helping to make my life easier and a lot healthier!

Nicole G.

My fiancé and I have been getting deliveries of the mixed fruits and veggies box for several weeks now, and we are absolutely impressed with the quality service and produce! We look forward to the new menu every week and are so excited to come home to a cooler-full of fresh fruits and veggies on Tuesdays! The list of produce is always exciting and inspired us to be creative with our meal-planning and encourages us to eat healthy! We've been feeling great because of what we are eating, and even more so because we are paying such an affordable price for it! I have been telling absolutely everyone about Fresh Life Organics because they need to know how amazing it is!!

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