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5 Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies

March 17th 2016
Getting children to eat their vegetables does not have to be a tough chore!

Here are a few fun tips and tricks that will have your little ones asking you to pass the peas before you know it. 

1. Lead by example

This is probably the most important one.  I think we can all agree that children are usually watching, listening, and imitating the people that they are around most often. With that said, let's shout our love for veggies from the rooftops! Okay, not literally, but you know what I mean. The more you celebrate them, the more fun they become. Eating veggies, teaching about how veggies grow, watching veggies grow, reading children's books about veggies, etc. Get creative.

2. Get the kiddos involved

If they love to help you out around the house, chances are, they would love for you to ask them help them in the kitchen. For example, if you have a kitchen stool that they can stand on to help you place the veggies into the blender or wash the veggies in the sink, they just may be a lot more interested in trying that green smoothie that they helped make. The more involved they feel, the more they may want to taste the end result of their helpful tasks. This also goes for planting a some seeds. You don't have to have a huge garden in order for you little one to learn how a seed can grow into a nutritious plant. Make a special pot just for them to plant something in. For example, help them grow a small tomato plant or some green beans and see their faces light up once their hard work and patience pays off. They will love picking their fresh food and learn a ton of valuable lessons in the process. (Not to mention, great quality time together!)

3. Create Options

Small children love feeling that they have ch
oices and that they are in charge. Whip out the muffin tin and rather than making cupcakes...make a veggie tray! Chop off some colorful options like: carrots, cucumber, peas, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, corn, sprouts, etc. 
and fill each section which a veggie.

4. Serve a Healthy Dipping Option

Offer your little one an healthy dipping option to add some additional flavor to their veggies. Hummus is our favorite in this house!

5. Explain Veggie Benefits Differently

Children understand things a bit differently than adults do for the most part. Rather then telling them to eat their peas because "They are healthy for you" or "Because I said so" try saying, "They will help you grow up big and strong!" or "Vegetables make our skin and hair pretty." Explaining the benefits of vegetables in a more literal way with examples can help them understand why they would want to eat them.

BONUS TIP: Don't Give Up!

It can take quite a few tries and patience in order for a child (or even an adult) to appreciate a brand new flavor. Healthy habits that start at a young age will carry on into their adulthood. It is worth it to keep at it to benefit your little ones for the rest of their lives.
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