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5 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

April 22nd 2016

At Fresh Life Organics, we love the holiday season as much as you do! People tend to spend lots of quality time with their friends & family, and appreciate food more than usual. Scrumptious aromas float through the air . . . colorful platters are served to the sound of 'oohs & ahhhs' . . . and we really savor the flavor of everything on our plate. Yet, how do we fully enjoy the holidays while staying healthy in the process? Here's 5 tips for keeping your system robust during the 'season of fuss.'

1. Overindulge!

Yes, you read that correctly. (You're probably gonna do it anyway, so be wise about it.) If the bulk of what you're eating is fruits and vegetables rather than meat and pasta, you can happily overindulge without getting a bulge. Have as many vibrant, power packed salads as you desire. (I like throwing in goji berries, mushrooms, and golden beets ­ yum!) Grab some seaweed sheets and make sushi rolls galore, using carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, mango, or any fresh fruits & veggies that float your boat! Feel free to fill your belly with all the good stuff. This way, partaking in the occasional holiday dessert won't be such a big issue (mentally and physically).

2. Eat your way to good health!

Holiday time is fun but can also mean winter blues, colds and flus. Keep your immune system boosted by consuming plenty of fresh produce that's high in vitamin C. Bell peppers, strawberries, kale, papaya, broccoli, and citrus fruits (like oranges and grapefruits) are just some of the many foods packed with vitamin C. No need to spend those hard earned dollars at a supplement shop when our very own Earth offers an abundant rainbow of fruits and vegetables containing nearly everything the human body needs! *Bonus fact: Vitamin C helps produce collagen, ­a protein that we'd literally fall apart without. 

3. Got a sweet tooth? Go fruit yourself!

Don't deny yourself one of life's greatest pleasures; Just be smart about your sweets and eat fruit, which contains naturally occurring sugars, vitamins and nutrients. Fruit is far more satisfying than processed junk loaded with refined sugars and toxic ingredients. Avocado is an awesome fruit to work with for fresh desserts. Raw avocado "cheesecake" is a must­ have, as well as banana pudding topped with coconut and cacao. Nature totally hooked us up in the dessert department! Play with pears by adding almond butter to your slices. Experiment with egg fruit (or canistel) ~ the texture makes for a heavenly custard treat. The possibilities are deliciously endless.

4. Bask in your real riches.

I'm spilling the beans on life's most wonderful secret: Good health is true wealth! We are blessed to live upon a planet that grows an array of edibles which provide what we need to thrive. So this holiday season, open a pomegranate and before taking a bite, simply observe how magnificent its seeds and hues are! After feasting on a glorious meal, chew a refreshing spearmint leaf instead of manufactured gum. Rather than a typical, calorie­heavy brewski or glass of eggnog, brew some ginger tea with agave nectar and a cinnamon stick. When it comes to our health, small changes like these add up and make a big difference.

5. Stay in the "F.L.O."

The acronym for Fresh Life Organics is F LO ~ which serves as a constant reminder that alignment, or being in the flow of life, greatly determines our health. One of the best ways to align yourself with the spirit of the holiday season is by giving back. Whether it's volunteering to feed the homeless or tenderly preparing a homemade meal for your loved ones, food unites us and builds community. What better way to show someone you care than by giving them a bountiful box of fresh, organically grown produce?

Contact us today. We promise to pack every morsel of mouthwatering yumminess with love. . . and we'll even discount your first order! Use the Promo Code: GETFRESH for $10 off your first order. Free Delivery, no commitments, and a happiness guarantee!

Continue to rejoice and be well!


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