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South Florida's REAL Scene

April 22nd 2016

At Fresh Life Organics, we want to provide you even more than the best organic fruits and vegetables in the world; We also want to keep you informed about our region's most worthwhile happenings that nourish your body, mind, and spirit!

Do you sometimes wonder where the 'conscious crowd' goes to connect? Would you like to experience integrative and inspiring new things with like­minded folks? Well, we've got you covered with a list of the most forward­ minded festivals and establishments throughout South Florida!

When it comes to activities centered on natural & wholesome living, there's something taking place every day of the week. So for those looking to stay healthy and have fun all year long, check out these educational and truly enjoyable events & holistic hubs.

Annual Awesomeness

Freshfest ~ West Palm Beach ~ February 10, 2018

Veg Festival ~ Fort Lauderdale ~ December 2, 2017

Yoga Fest ~ Fort Lauderdale ~ February 24, 2018

International Mango Festival ~ Coral Gables ~ July 14-15, 2018

SEED Food And Wine Festival ~ Miami Beach ~ November 1-5, 2017

Year Round Awesomeness  

Zen Mystery ~ Dania Beach

Holistic Organic Wellness ~ Boca Raton

Hippocrates Health Institute ~ West Palm Beach

Treehugger Organic Farms Fresh Market Fairs ~ Many locations

Hope to see you out and about learning, growing, and loving life! Be sure to place your order for the juiciest, yummiest, most colorful and vitalizing produce delivered (for FREE!) right to your door. We're proud to be based in tropical paradise, where people care about living well. You can always count on our hardworking team to help keep you in-­the-­know and in the F.L.O.

Here's to the GOOD LIFE, from your friends at Fresh Life Organics!

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