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Office Fruit Delivery in South Florida

September 13th 2016

At Fresh Life Organics, we offer Fort Lauderdale and most of the South Florida region a delicious variety of produce delivered right to your office ~ every week, with no delivery fee!

In order to accomplish our goals and thrive, we need to be on point and feel vitalized, which is why an ideal work environment includes having high quality, fresh organic produce readily available for employees.  Fresh fruit is the best kind of nourishment for our stomach.  And what’s good for the body is good for the mind, resulting in heightened clarity and increased productivity.  Best of all, it's cost effective and mutually benefits the people who own a business and those who operate it.

A office fruit delivery has numerous benefits including:

  • Optimal productivity

    • Greater output leads to greater profits.  Period.  (Or rather, exclamation point!)

  • Increased energy

    • Fresh fruit has lots of vitamins and minerals which stimulate physical vitality, mental alertness, and better memory & focus. Plus, its fiber content aids our digestive system (a calm tummy is imperative for a smooth work day).

  • Mood enhancement & boosted morale

    • Fresh fruit delivery creates a more enjoyable quality of life at work ~ leading to increased job commitment, motivation, satisfaction, and staff retention.

  • Valuable means of acknowledging employees

    • Colorful, yummy, healthy fruit is an excellent way to convey the sentiment of “thank you” or “keep up the great work!”

  • Improves corporate image and reputation

    • Processed sugar and junk foods make us feel sluggish.  Offices with fresh organic fruit are positively differentiated from those with candy machines, unhealthy snacks, or boxes of donuts lying around.

  • Convenience

    • In today’s fast-paced world, we don’t always have time to stop by the grocery store or bring a fully prepared meal to the workplace.  Having fresh fruit freely accessible at the office is a valuable perk for busy professionals.

  • Potentially lower healthcare costs

    • Sedentary lifestyles or jobs involving lots of computer work can cause weight issues.  Preventative maintenance starts with a health-conscious work environment that offers organic fruit to its hardworking staff members.  This also effectively encourages employees to develop healthy patterns and eat more fresh produce in general!

  • Fresher is just BETTER

    • What our planet naturally produces is the highest, healthiest form of nourishment we can eat!  Unlike most grocery stores, our boxes of organic fruit are locally sourced and delivered fresh from the farm every week - giving you the most nutritional bang for your buck!

Contact us today to get hooked up on your office fruit delivery.  Remember, there’s never any commitment and delivery is always free!

. . . May the ‘fruits’ of your labor be ever sweet and abundant!

~ Your Friends at Fresh Life Organics

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