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Delivered to your Door. No commitments, ever. Happiness guaranteed.
What does Fresh Life Organics do?

We offer you and your family the freshest in 100% Certified Organic Fruits and Vegetables right to your home or office (or boat, or batcave, or treehouse!). We offer weekly delivery with absolutely no commitments. Skip any order you don't need and make as many substitutions to your order as you please. 

Do I have to be home when you deliver?

Not at all! We understand that you lead a busy life. We'll try knocking on your door, but if no one is home we'll simply leave your box at your front door. Every box comes with an ice pack to ensure it stays fresh for when you do get home. 

Where do you deliver?

Our delivery area is ever-expanding throughout the SouthEast United States (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky). Check your zip code on our home page to see if we deliver to you!

Is everything 100% Certified Organic?

Yes, we only select goods from 100% Certified Organic farms because we believe that your fruits and veggies shouldn't be sprayed with any harmful chemicals, and will do random testing of our produce to ensure this is true. However, we sometimes partner with some local farms to supply our locavores with fresh foods as well. This will always be noted in the Shop section of our website, and only available if you wanted to add something from a local farm to your box. And we only partner with those farms who use organic growing methods, even if they aren't Certified.

Do I have to make any long term commitments?

Absolutely not. But we do ask that you commit to kickstarting and sustaining your health. If you ever decide you'd rather shop elsewhere because it works better for you, then we totally understand. You can cancel at anytime and we'll always be here if you need us again.

What if I don't like something on the menu?

This is the beauty of our service. If you don't like something on the menu, simply click on the item you don't want and you'll get a new list of items you can swap into your order instead. We'll never make you eat anything you don't like or want!

I tried something new and I hated it. What can I do?

Don't stress! Just fill out this simple form and we'll credit your account so you can get something extra in your next box. More so, if anything ever arrived to you in a condition that's not-so-great we'll gladly credit you for your next order! No need to send in pictures, or stress about it. Just relax knowing we have a 100% Customer Happiness Guarantee :-)

How long will the produce last?

The answer to this is different for every household. We put about a week's worth of produce into each box. A small fits well for a 1-2 sized household, Medium for 3-4, and Large for 5-6. But some vegetarian couples prefer the large box to get them through the week so it can vary. You can change your box size and type at anytime.
We will also provide you with tips and tricks for getting the most out of your fruits and veggies. Meaning the best way to store each item, what goes in the fridge, what's best on the shelf, and what's best in a cool, dark closet.

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